As of the prenatal period, some abnormalities can be diagnosed in the spinal cord structure. During pregnancy, there are discrete spinal cord section and similar damages that can be diagnosed by ultrasound imaging methods. Questions such as how long a baby with spina bifida will live are among the topics that patients’ relatives often wonder about. It is very important to diagnose the disease at an early stage. The treatment plan should be made in cooperation with various specialties, especially orthopedics and traumatology.

Babies with Spina Bifida

What are the symptoms?

Babies with spina bifida can be diagnosed during the development of the spine during the first months of pregnancy. Nerves and similar structures in the spinal cord become a sac in the baby’s back area. It greatly harms the physiological development of the baby. At the same time, spinal nerves are open to the threat of external factors. Therefore, if the disease is not treated in the early period, orthopedic and circulatory problems may occur.

Causes of Spina Bifida

It is estimated that spina bifida disease occurs due to developmental factors. However, the exact cause is unknown. It is stated that external factors and genetic factors are effective. Some drugs used by the expectant mother during pregnancy also damage the spinal cord structure.In order not to deteriorate fetal development, folic acid level should be monitored during pregnancy. Otherwise, diseases that threaten the spinal cord structure such as spina bifida will occur.

Women with diabetes are more likely to have a baby with spina bifida. For this reason, factors that trigger diabetes such as blood sugar level and insulin resistance are monitored. For similar reasons, problems such as overweight or obesity are also seen as risk factors. Necessary precautions should be taken by specialist physicians in the prenatal period.

How Long Does a Baby with Spina Bifida Live and Treatment Methods

How Long Does a Baby with Spina Bifida Live

It is a disease that can be seen in every newborn child and covers various health problems caused by the patency in the spine structure . It can be diagnosed during pregnancy examinations performed by a specialist doctor. If necessary in the prenatal period, advanced stages of the disease can be prevented by fetal surgery methods.
The current health status of babies with spina bifida should be followed regularly by specialist physicians throughout their lives. Thus, patients can continue their activities during the day on their own. You can contact us for your questions about spina bifida and its treatment processes.