The knee joint plays an active role in maintaining the daily movements of the human body. It is observed that some orthopedic problems occur in people depending on age, genetic and environmental factors. In this sense, patients are wondering how long it will take to recover from knee replacement surgery and the postoperative period.

Knee Replacement Surgery

What is Knee Replacement

There are various diseases that develop in relation to osteoporosis and related diseases in individuals in the advanced age group. It is observed that the knee joint loses its healthy form after calcification, fractures and infection. These people, whose orthopedic health is damaged, usually have similar complaints. Fatigue can be experienced in a shorter time due to the loss of strength in the joints and muscles. It may also be difficult to perform active actions such as walking, sitting, and bending.

How is it applied?

Knee joint disorders should be treated by an experienced physician. In addition, treatment is carried out in a clinical environment that is suitable for sterile conditions in terms of health. Thanks to the surgical equipment and techniques developed in recent years, the side effects that occur after the operation disappear in a short time.

How Long Does Knee Replacement Surgery Heal?

How Long Does Knee Replacement Surgery Heal

After the operation, the patient should be under the supervision of a doctor in the hospital environment, depending on his health status. However, this period varies according to the age of the person, the extent of the damage in the knee joint and similar factors. During the healing process, it is recommended to start walking for the surgery to be effective. This is very important for the prosthesis to integrate with the knee joint of the person.

With the advice of a physical therapist, some exercises are planned specifically for the patient. At this point, regular walking is required. At the same time, there are factors such as eating habits and being active during the day. The limitation of smoking and alcohol consumption by the patients positively affects the use of knee prosthesis for many years.