The knee joint is actively used in activities performed during the day. Basic movements such as walking and using the stairs can be given as examples. Especially as a result of trauma and calcification, the joints are damaged. For this reason, many people apply to have knee replacement surgery. The abrasions that occur in the cartilage structure are generally named as calcification shortly. This is an issue that significantly damages the knee joints. When knee calcifications and traumas reach advanced levels, they reduce the patient’s quality of life.         


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What is Knee Replacement?

The knee structure is severely damaged over the years and as a result of traumatic events. The damaged bone and cartilage tissue in the knee joint is repaired. Knee prosthesis is made of specially designed metal and plastic material.Thanks to the robotic knee prosthesis technique, positive developments are seen in the posture of the legs. It is important not to have knee pain in order to get a quality night’s sleep. It is a technique applied by experts in the field of orthopedics and traumatology when it is considered necessary.   

Knee Prosthesis Types

After the decision of surgical operation is made for disorders in the knee joint, a preliminary medical examination of the patient is carried out. In the meantime, the patient’s general health screening is performed and the extent of the knee joint problem is checked. There are different types of knee prosthesis depending on the joint disorders seen in people. Which prosthesis will be used during the treatment process varies according to the needs of the patient.  

  1. Total Knee Prosthesis: There is joint damage covering most of the knee structure. There is serious cartilage tissue damage. At the same time, damage to the meniscus and other connective tissues is also observed. Recovery is observed with total knee prosthesis.
  2. Partial Knee Prosthesis: It is the situation where problems such as calcification and abrasion in the knee joints occur locally. It occurs on only one of the inner or outer surfaces. In case of damage to other healthy tissue, partial knee prosthesis is applied. If most of the cartilage tissue and ligaments are orthopedically healthy, procedures can be performed. Otherwise, total prosthesis surgery technique is used.  

To Whom Is Knee Prosthesis Applied?

It is aimed at people with advanced levels of abrasions and calcifications in the joints. In accordance with human anatomy, the structures of the bones are smooth. However, friction occurs due to aging, inflammation, traumatic events that damage bone tissue, and rheumatism-related causes. There are three types of arthritis that cause knee arthritis. It can be listed as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and posttraumatic arthritis. As a result of these diseases, knee replacement surgery can be applied.


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Knee Replacement Surgery

If left untreated, it causes some diseases. It causes advanced diseases such as meniscus tear, rheumatic diseases, injuries, damage to cartilage tissues. At the same time, excessive weight gain can damage the knee joints.

Knee replacement surgery is performed by orthopedic surgeons as an open surgery. First of all, a knee x-ray is taken and the joint health of the patient is examined. After understanding the type and size of the disease, the procedures to be performed under anesthesia are decided. It can be applied with local or general anesthesia.







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